Kana Shinjo

Artist Information
Born in Tokyo in 1977
1996 Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan High School of Arts, Department of Fine Arts
2004 Completed master's program at Hiroshima City University Graduate School of Art.
         Prix La Jeunesse Award
Selected for the Spring Inten Exhibition for the first time
       4th Geibikai Exhibition (Submitted every year thereafter/Fukuya/Hiroshima)
2006: Selected for Inten for the first time
        Selected for the Sesshu no Sato Soja Ink Painting Exhibition
2008: Withdrew from Hiroshima City University Graduate School of Art, Japanese Painting Doctoral Course
2009 Solo exhibition (‘11,’13/Awazu Gallery, Nihonbashi)
2010 Spring Breeze - Japanese Painting Four-person Exhibition - (~‘20,’22~’24/Gallery Miyasaka)
Solo exhibition L'Espoir Newcomer Selection Exhibition (Ginza Surugadai Gallery, Ginza)
2011 Kou no Kai (submitted every year thereafter/Ginza Surugadai Gallery, Ginza)
2012 Solo exhibition ('14,'16/Gallery Hirooka Art, Kanda)
2013 Solo exhibition (Fukuya Hatchobori/Hiroshima)
2014 Tanabata Exhibition (Fujiiya Miyajima Main Store, Hiroshima)
2015 70th Spring Inten Encouragement Award
2016 Ohka Award Exhibition (Gosakura Art Museum)
2018 Shinsei Kana and Miyako Takehara two-person exhibition (‘19,’21/Arakawa Gallery, Ginza)
2019 No. 3 170-piece exhibition (Gallery Miyasaka/Ginza)
Ueno Artist Project 2019 Gaze at Children (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)
2020 Solo exhibition (Yokohama Takashimaya, Yokohama)
Celebration - Kotohogi - Exhibition ('21,'22/Ikebukuro Tobu/Ikebukuro)
2021 10th Takehiko Suga Grand Prize Exhibition (Kurayoshi Museum)
Solo exhibition (Odakyu Department Store/Shinjuku)
2022 Japanese Painting 3-person Exhibition - Resonating Time - (Shinshu Takato Museum of Art, Nagano)
Solo exhibition (Seibu Akita store/Akita)
2023 Hakue Exhibition (Akane Gallery, Ginza)
Solo exhibition (Yokohama Takashimaya, Yokohama)

Many other group exhibitions
Currently a friend of the Japan Art Institute